5 Steps to 
Rekindling Your Spark in the Bedroom

You and your partner CAN create a win-win intimate life even if you seem to have very different desires when it comes to sex. Let me show you how.

Take my class for partners who are ready to overcome "sexual incompatibility" step-by-step and feel more intimately connected—both physically and emotionally.

What You'll Take Away

You and your partner will leave my powerful couples workshop with:

Renewed Sense of Connection

Enjoy a guided partner practice to get on the same page about why your intimacy matters.

Creative Solutions to Your Problem

Learn how to create a win-win sex life based on your erotic personality types (the Desire Archetypes™️).

Next Steps for Your Intimacy

Discover how to build intimate reconnection into your life going forward (even if you're busy).

"In one hour we were able to make some serious breakthroughs and see each other in a whole new light. 60 minutes of learning from you was more effective, profound and intimate than going to a marriage counselor for 9 months post-marriage and a couple times pre-marriage. So, thank you, Janel. Seriously."

— Rachel K.

About Your Coach

Janel Vitale

Relationship Design Expert

I'm a certified sex & relationship coach who helps couples design a mutually-fulfilling intimate life around your authentic needs and desires—even when it seems like you want very different things in the bedroom. I'm passionate about creating step-by-step processes and powerful partner practices that empower couples to build a win-win erotic connection.

You'll Also Learn:

The "4 E's" of erotic reconnection + the one other thing you and your partner must commit to reach your intimacy goals.
The 3 types of desire and how to navigate your and your partner's differences. 
The emotional and psychological roots of what you and your partner want in the bedroom—and how to meet in the middle.
Why low libido is rarely a medical or physical issue.
The 6 Desire Archetypes™️ and where your and your partner's erotic personality types intersect, so you know how to play together!

Sponsored by Desire by Design

This free workshop is sponsored by my couples intimacy program Desire by DesignI'll tell you about it during the class, so you can decide if it's the right next step for your intimate reconnection journey. But the introductory class on its own is super valuable, so feel free to take it even if you aren't sure you need deeper support.

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5 Steps to Rekindling Your Spark in the Bedroom

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