Janel Vitale is a certified sex & relationship coach who empowers people to design their intimate lives around their authentic needs and desires.

Janel is a content creator, coach and Relationship Design expert whose mission is to give people the tools to understand their desires and feel more free to be themselves in their intimate lives. 

After 14 years in Catholic school, she struggled to embrace her bisexuality and unconventional relationship orientation (non-monogamy). Her winding journey towards becoming her most authentic self in love and sex inspired her to become a coach. Now, her passion is empowering people to overcome shame and fear to design the sex and relationships they really want.

Janel holds a BA in Communication from the University of Southern California and a certification in sex & relationship coaching from the Somatica Institute. Though based in the San Francisco Bay Area, her content has an international reach through her TikTok channel.

Press & Business Inquiries

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What I Believe

I have seen that when people design their relationships around their authentic needs and desires, they create deeper emotional intimacy and longterm relationship satisfaction. With the right tools, you can have security and freedom in your relationships.

I believe that authenticity is real relationship security. Because we are more likely to stay in relationships that evolve with us and empower us to be our true selves.

That's why I help people overcome fear, jealousy and insecurity and create a thriving love and sex life that inspires growth, exploration and intimacy.

How I Got Here

My Story

I've always been into creating an authentic life.

My life has been a beautiful adventure of self-discovery:

I traveled the world as a cruise ship singer.
I lived at several intentional communities, from ecovillages to polyamorous communes.
I hiked 5,0000 miles on long distance trails in the US and raised $10,000 for girl empowerment nonprofits.
I attended multiple life-changing sex & relationship coaching trainings, then started my own business.

Over the course of my winding journey, I learned how to face my fears and trust my intuition.

I discovered what I really want in love and sex.

And I gained the skills and confidence to communicate about my needs and desires without shame.

My journey inspired me to become a coach to help others who are craving more authenticity in their intimate lives. 

I'm honored to be your guide in creating more fulfilling sex and relationships.

Watch my TikTok about my journey to becoming a sex & relationship coach.

I am trained and certified in the Somatica┬« Method, a sex and relationship coaching methodology based on the proven concept that experiential learning through mind/body exercises like meditations, visualizations, breath work, clothes-on touch exercises and communication role plays can more quickly and deeply lead to transformation in the realms of sex and relationships than traditional talk therapy or cognitive learning alone.

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