Janel helps individuals, partners and couples build win-win sex lives; create deeper intimacy through connected communication; and explore non-monogamy, open relationships and kink.


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I help individuals & couples build win-win sex lives, create deeper intimacy through connected communication, and explore non-monogamy, open relationships and kink.

"Janel's approach to sex and relationships is life-changing. We finally feel confident telling each other about our needs, desires and boundaries. Working with her is one of the best decisions we've ever made. 

- Steve & Renee F.

What You'll Achieve in Sex & Relationship Coaching:

Discover deeper intimacy though authentic, honest communication.

You can design an intimate life around your unique needs, desires and boundaries—as long as you can talk about them effectively and empathetically. Communication is the key to deeper intimacy. Practice talking about what you authentically want to empower yourself and your partner(s) to be truly yourselves when it comes to sex and relationships. I also frequently help partners rebuild trust and honest communication after experiencing infidelity.

Overcome different desires and create a win-win sex life.

Do you and your partner seem to want completely different things in bed or have polar-opposite sex drives? I'll help you discover what makes you feel most alive when it comes to your eroticism. We will dive into your Desire Archetypes™️ and explore where your erotic personality types intersect through experiential exercises that will jumpstart your intimate reconnection. You and your partner can enjoy a mutually-satisfying sex life with my creative tools and an open heart and mind.

Explore non-monogamy or kink in a healthy, drama-free way.

Are you seeking guidance around ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, polyamory or kinkThere is no one-size-fits-all "road map" when it comes to love and sex, so we'll create a customized one just for you. With years of experience in unconventional sex and relationships both personally and professionally, I will help you continue your journey with the right tools. I also frequently help partners with different desires or levels of comfort around unconventional love and sex to design a relationship that works for both of you. 

I am trained and certified in the Somatica® Method of sex & relationship coaching, which is based on the proven concept that experiential learning can more quickly and deeply impact transformation in realms of sex and relationships than traditional talk therapy or cognitive learning alone. Through mind/body exercises like meditations, visualizations, breath work, clothes-on touch exercises and communication role playing, you are more empowered to tap into your authentic desires, gain confidence talking about your needs and boundaries, and overcome ongoing issues in your intimate relationships.

Want results ASAP? Try a daylong intensive.

I offer sex & relationship coaching intensives online as well as in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Silicon Valley. Intensives are the best way for busy, high-achieving folks to achieve your sex and relationship design goals as quickly as possible. You'll experience immediate breakthroughs and get the road map you need to keep building the sex and relationship(s) you really want.

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"Our time with Janel was deeply moving. We had conversations about things we'd never shared before. Every couple should have this experience." 

- Cici V. & Lauren R.

I got you.

It's time to overcome your sex and relationship issues, experience new ways of relating, and design a road map for a more authentic and satisfying intimate life.

I got you.

It's time to overcome your sex and relationship issues, experience new ways of relating, and design a road map for a more authentic and satisfying intimate life.

Let's get social.

Let's get social.

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